Rolf Oftedal and Stian Morel became best friends while studying. After a surf trip to Lofoten, they decided to move permanently. While searching for the perfect combination between work and personal life, they came up with the idea of starting their own business. With the main goal of finding happiness and have the right balance in life. 
Surfers of Lofoten is presented by DNB, co-sponsored by, Arctic Coworking Lodge, Asenne, Sugar Daddies Co and Unstad Arctic Surf and Surfnorge.

Rolf Oftedal
Stian Morel

William Farstad Olsen
Torstein Leikanger
Olaf Kielland
Russel-Harvey Fernandez
Terri Witherden
Kristina Wisløff

Directed by Mats Slaastad Birkelund
Cinematography by Mats Slaastad Birkelund
Additional cinematography by Pete Veale and Eirik Lunder
Edited by Mats Slaastad Birkelund
Co-produced by Surf Norge (Henrik Bydal&Morten Solberg)

3:42 PM by Oriol Novella
King of Mandol by Swirling Ship
En Begynnelse by Daniel Malo
Laurel Leaves by Modern Aquatic
Head Over Heels by Paper Planes
Through Fields by Be Still the Earth
Empty Houses by Straight White Teeth
Dive Into The Ocean by Kenneth Norum

Therese Egge Belgum
Tommy Olsen
Ole Kristian Fjelltun-Larsen
Henrik Bydal
Morten Solberg
Daniel Malo
Kenneth Norum


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